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"Tampa Bay's New Name in Cyberspace"(sm)

WebCoast is Tampa Bay's Official World Wide Web Information Magazine!

email address: wcstaff@webcoast.com

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What makes our service stand out from others is that we are exclusively promoting the Tampa Bay Area. What this means is visitors won't have to go through ads from other areas to find your WebSite. The only ads they will find will be right here from the WebCoast of Florida! On the Internet's World Wide Web, Tampa Bay will have a new Global Name, "Florida's Web Coast"! A Great marketing tool and very cost effective, WebCoast reaches 100,000,000+ people Worldwide. Whether you do business locally, nationally, or globally, WebCoast can give you the competitive advantage. WebCoast's easy to use point and click hyperlink technology makes even novices able to operate our 24 hour per day magazine. Never again will you have to worry what time it is in your new International Marketplace. WebCoast will keep your business running, even when you are finished with your business day, all for just pennies per day!

WebCoast Websites have won many for excellence on the internet.
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WebCoast was also feature on NBC Teletext in Europe!

Our Mission is to provide the best service
with the most exposure we can possibly get!
The single most important thing on the internet is exposure.
WebCoast attracts over 35,000 visitors a day! That's over 1,000,000 a month!

"A Website With No Visitors Is A Website With No Visibility"(sm)

How will WebCoast attract consumers and corporate decision makers?

A standard rule in business practices is" To get something, You must give Something". In standard advertising, this may be an added expense for the business owner. However, with WebCoast, promotional items are given away through monthly contests, with no cost to You. What better way to get 100,000,000+ people to respond than give them something for free. A Win/Win for both advertiser and consumer. And with a new contest each month, more and more consumers will visit Florida's WebCoast. And that's not all. WebCoast will continually promote your Website to as many databases on the World Wide Web we can find, to guarantee your Website will have the highest visibility possible!
WebCoast currently has over 35,000 visitors each day! That's over 1,000,000 visitors a month. A Website with no visitors is a Website with no visibility! If your Website is a part of WebCoast, we guarantee you will get the visitors you deserve! In Closing, Webster would define Tampa Bay as a place in Florida. WebCoast defines Tampa Bay as:


And Remember:

"If You're Not Connected To The Net, Then You're Just Not Connected"(sm)

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WebCoast has employment openings available. If you are an assertive motivated individual who has high tech sales, marketing or design skills and likes to pick your own hours, CLICK HERE to find out how you can join the Winning Team of WebCoast.

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Direct all questions and problems to wcstaff@webcoast.com

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