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Pasco County History

Pasco County was formed in June of 1887, when Hernando County was divided into three parts, separating the new Citrus County to the North and creating Pasco County out of the southern third. Pasco County was named in honor of Samuel Pasco (1834-1917), President of the 1885 Florida Constitutional Convention, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives in 1887, and two-term (1887-1899) U.S. senator from Florida. He resided in Monticello, Florida near Tallahassee and it is unclear if he even visited the County that bears his name.

The Tocobagan, one of Florida's original natives, Called this land home. When the Tocobagan became extinct they were preceded by the Seminoles. Pasco County experienced many invasions by Spanish conquistadors. Panfilo de Narvarez, was one of the conquistadors. His expedition met disaster at the hands of the natives. Hernando DeSoto was also one. He explored much of the southeastern part of the United States. Pasco County has a Native American and Spanish heritage celebration each spring.

Pasco County was best known for citrus groves and cattle ranching. Once the construction of Interstate 75 was completed into the heart of the county, Pasco County's population growth has been constantly growing. Pinellas County's growth to the north has also helped the increase in population of Pasco County.

Pasco County is located directly north of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, which are all major metropolitan areas. The county is rapidly evolving into the place to live for those who seek the country living and don't mind the travel to the city. Real Estate prices are much lower than Hillsborough County and much more affordable than Pinellas County, which has a lot more waterfront areas. Pasco County has been really booming in recent years. Major shopping malls and businesses have relocated there and call it home.

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