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Poster - March 10, 1994





  • Those who are unhappy with what this world has to offer, or are seeking the real Truth, have turned to New Age, Eastern religions, or simply have "dropped out" to indulge in whatever excesses might bring them pleasure. And why shouldn't they? Who can blame them? Nowhere, especially not in the churches, can they find the answers to the purpose of their existence or any hope for a soul's future. The most significant information, that which was offered 2000 years ago by a Representative from the "future" - the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the real Kingdom of Heaven), has been completely ignored or obscured. That Representative's "hard-core" teaching - the formula for entering "His Father's Kingdom" (that Evolutionary Level Above Human) - cannot be found anywhere on the planet, least of all in the teachings of the churches. The Christians have unwittingly even become their own dreaded Anti-Christ. Jesus had no wife nor children, His followers were His "family." He required of His students (disciples) that they drop everything (all possessions, ties, and attachments) and literally go with Him. He warned His "followers" that their enemies would likely be those of their own household, that they would be hated by all men, and that as they adopted more of His ways and thinking, they would hate or abhor everything that could pull them back into their "old" world (including their human father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, and even the love of their own life), or anything that could interfere with their commitment to Him and His Father's Kingdom.
  • Jesus was not a religious man or spiritual person according to present day interpretation. He was a man of the future - from the future, ahead of this civilization's time - from an actual physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level above the human kingdom, in the same way that humans are "supposedly" an evolutionary kingdom level above Earth's animal kingdom. Members of the Kingdom Level Above Human identify with or think of themselves as the "spirit" or "soul," and their body as a "container." Whereas members of the human kingdom primarily identify with or think of themselves as the physical body (and wonder if they might have a soul). Members of the Kingdom that He - the one who was in Jesus - came from, treat their physical bodies as "suits of clothes" and thereby can leave those "Next Level" bodies behind and even incarnate into a human body as He did. The mind or spirit that was in Jesus did not incarnate in the infant, but rather it incarnated when the body He took was approximately 29 to 30 years old - at the event recorded in the Bible as the "Holy Spirit" descending upon Him as a dove. Compared to a human spirit, His Spirit, having come from that Next Kingdom Level, was a pure or "Holy" Spirit, revered by His disciples - seen as Divine - and rightfully so. The body that was "picked" for Him had been monitored and "prepped" since infancy by Members of the Kingdom Level Above Human in anticipation of the day that He would "take it over" or incarnate into it.
  • In the same way, in this generation, two bodies were "picked" and "prepped" for the two members from that "Next Level" who would incarnate in them, a Younger Member and an Older Member - a "Son" and his "Father." This time those two Representatives incarnated into their picked or chosen bodies in the early 1970's, bodies that were in their 40's. They then, in 1975, put out a "call" for the souls who came with them for this task, and these two Teachers assisted those prospective members of that Next Kingdom Level in incarnating into (taking over) the bodies that had been set aside for them. These two Teachers then literally took these prospective members out of, or "lifted them out" of the world with the bodies they would take charge of. They assisted the students in the tedious and difficult process of becoming new creatures - filling those bodies with the mind, the thoughts, the behavior, the "spirit" from the Kingdom Level Above Human. This classroom was in total seclusion for almost 18 years.
  • These students of the Next Level have now been given the task of going out and finding the second and last wave or "harvest" of souls or spirits who have been brought back into the human kingdom to receive - incarnate into - the bodies that have been picked and prepped for them. As the prospective members of the second harvest connect with the students from the first - and learn from them - they too will be literally taken out of the world and through the incarnating process - the taking over of a body, aborting its human mind and programming, and filling it with the mind of their Teacher, and of His Older Member, and of that Kingdom Level Above Human.
  • Those souls who successfully bond to their new "Father" and His Kingdom will literally leave the human kingdom and become members in the physical Kingdom from whence came the mind (the soul) that was in Jesus, and the minds (the souls) that are in these two Teachers. As Jesus came and left in a "cloud of light," so also these Teachers, along with their students from both harvests, came - and will leave - in the same manner (a spacecraft, "UFO," belonging to the true Kingdom of God). They will not need to be a part of the human kingdom again. These who have successfully overcome human-mammalian behavior and thinking ("washed their robes" under the tutorship of their Teachers), and have replaced it with the behavior and thinking of that Next Kingdom Level, are now ready for service, for the first time, to the true Kingdom of Heaven - the only real Kingdom of God.
  • All souls retain, at all evolutionary levels, the free will to accept tutorship, remain loyal to their parentage in that Kingdom Level, or separate, feeling that they no longer need to remain a child, a servant - even in the Kingdom of Heaven. The spirit or soul referred to as Satan or Lucifer was once a child, a son, in the real Kingdom of Heaven. He exercised his "free will" to go his separate way and attempt to create his "own heaven." He even took what was estimated to be one-third of the creatures who were young children in that Kingdom with him, for they were still susceptible to his leadership. Those individuals now circulate in the Heavens, and we refer to them as various "Luciferian" space races (who also travel in their more primitive spacecrafts, or UFOs). Having lost their standing in the true Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of their CREATOR, they had no choice but to return to human-like behavior and mammalian limitations. They use the humans for their own purposes, and do all within their power to prohibit the humans from ever knowing the truth about their ex-Father's Kingdom. They bind the human souls to this world through: a preoccupation with sexuality (indulgence in all the pleasures/addictions of the human senses); reproductivity (family); service to the human kingdom (within a structure of indebtedness and credit); and non- disputable, "moral" responsibility to their family, community, race, nation, and their unknowingly distorted religious concepts.
  • Many Bible students, some Christian denominations, and to a greater extent the so-called "charismatics" or "spirit-filled" say they are waiting for the "Second Coming." That same mind, that same information of the true Kingdom of Heaven, which was in Jesus, has come again, for the "second time," in this civilization. That mind, the one that spoke through the body named Jesus, told His followers that He would come again, though He also told them not to believe any who would say that "Jesus" (the name of His human body 2000 years ago) was on "this mountain" or in "that desert," for that "body" would not return. The two events that most Christians say they are eagerly anticipating have occurred: the "Second Coming" (as just described) and the "Raptures" (the first of which happened in 1975-76, the second of which is occurring now as the second harvest is "lifted out" of their world). The Luciferians, who have taken over the religions, would have their "faithful" die and go to their "heaven" without doing any of the necessary overcoming, for "He did it all" - "He shed His blood" - in order that you might "be saved." You can't simply be a good "Christian," die, and go to the true Kingdom of Heaven. You can only become a new creature, a Heavenly creature, while a Member of the Kingdom Level Above Human is incarnate in the human kingdom to take you through that "birthing." That birthing requires that you become dead to all humanness and have only the consciousness - the mind - of a child in that new Kingdom Level - totally under the care and keeping of your "new Father" (Older Member), your "new family," who takes you into that Kingdom.
  • This is obviously, by human judgment, the "Cult of Cults" - but for the chosen, it's the only way into their "Heavenly Father's House." You will have to judge for yourselves who we are. The Church, the New Age, and the Charismatics will likely call us the Anti-Christ, for we don't simply stand for "peace," "love," and "light" for this world.
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